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alpuro phyte combines science with nature to deliver healthy lifestyle………

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Alpuro Phyte focuses its business on research and innovation to create effective and safe products

The beautiful nature has given us innumerable beneficial products. Alpuro Phyte combines science with nature to deliver unique benefits for HEALTH, BEAUTY, AND ENJOYMENT.

Who we are

Alpuro Phyte is a research-oriented health science company. We are a leading producer of nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, standardized herbal extracts, fine chemicals, and specialty formulation.

What we do

SOURCING:- Each day, Alpuro Phyte travels to sourcing areas, exploring the planet to offer more than 200 families of natural ingredients. PRODUCING:- From extraction to the formulation, and from the cultivation of herbs to the collection, We has state of the art manufacturing facilities. INNOVATING:- Through constant research and innovation, we develop high-performance, innovative ingredients to meet customer’s needs. OUR OFFERS:- Alpuro Phyte creates specific ingredients for its industrial customers in each market – FOOD, HEALTH, AND BEAUTY.

How we do it

PROXIMITY:- Our sales teams work in close collaboration with our customers to understand their challenges, offer solutions, and support them daily. QUALITY:- Each ingredient is carefully analyzed, tested, and traced throughout processing. SUSTAINABILITY:- To continue to grow while sustainability managing resources, we believe in taking a more balanced approach to value creation and ourselves and for our partners.


Skin whitening, Licorice extract (CG) 20% to 99%.


Escin (Aescin) 99%, Horse chestnut extract 20% upto 99%, Venotonic, Scar removal.

Shipping all over the world

We Keep the Essentials In Stock

Global Shipment availabe:- USA, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, India, Japan, Poland, South Korea, South Africa, Brazil, South America

Natural healthcare company Our Products Range includes : Standardised Herbal Extracts, Phytochemicals, Organic Herbs, Dietary Ingredients, Cosmetic Ingredients.

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