AESCIN, beta-ESCIN , alpha-ESCIN



Natural active ingredient isolated from licorice, helps in the reduction of melanin synthesis, skin-tone lightening, and reduction of age-spots, as a soothing agent

Product NameActive CompositionApplication*
18 beta-Glycyrrhetinic acid98.0% to 102.0%Soothing, Lenitive
AesculinAesculin / Esculin 96%venotonic
Alpha Lipoic AcidAlpha Lipoic Acid 99%Antioxidant, Anti-ageing
Amla extract water solubleTannins 40%Anti-ageing, Haircare
AndrographolidesAndrographolides 95%Anti ageing
AsiaticosideAsiaticoside 85%Anti-wrinkles, Lips care
Boswellia serrate extract CGBoswellic acids 40%, 75-80% Total organic acidsAnti-inflammatory, Anti-ageing
Centella Asiatica ExtractTotal Triterpenes 10%, 40% Total Asiaticosides 20%,40%Skin conditioning agent, Circulation support
Centella asiatica selected triterpenes36.0% to 44.0% of of asiaticoside 56.0% to 64.0% of genins as sum of asiatic acid and madecassic acidAntiwrinkles agent,Stretchmarks improver
Chamomile extract1.2% of total apigeninSoothing, Lenitive
Ellagic acid40.0% to 95% ellagic acidCapillary activity,skin smoothness
Ellagic ExtractEllagic acid 40%, 90%Skin lightening agent
Escinb-Aescin / b-Escin 96% to 103%Capillarotropic
Escin B-Sitosterol32.0% to 40.0% of escin by TLC, 12.5% to 15.5% of sitosterol by TLCVasokinetic
Escin free acid95.0% by potentiometryCapillarotropic
EsculosideEsculoside 98.0%Vasokinetic, Capillary protectant
Ginger Extract25.0% to 33.0% of gingerolsWhitening, antioxidant activity,Êsoothing.
Ginkgo biloba dimeric flavonoids24.0% to 39.0% of total biflavones expressed as ginkgetinAntioxidant activity, Lipolytic
Glycyrrhizinic AcidGlycyrrhizinic Acid 95%
Green Tea Extract CGEGCG 35-40%Antioxidant agent, Anti-decay, Whitener
Horsechestnut extract 90%beta Escin 90% 98%Skin whitening, UV-B Protectant, Anti-ageing
Licorice Extract GlabridinGlabridin 5-90%Skin whitening agent
MascarosideMascaroside 90%skin pigmentation
MonoAmmonium GlycyrrhizinateMonoAmmonium Glycyrrhizinate 95% to 98%
Moringa Seed OilOleic acid 65-80%Anti-acne, Skincare formulation
Proanthocyanidin a231.0% to 37.0% of proanthocyanidin A2UV protectant, Trophodermic, FirmingÊ
Rosemary ExtractProprietary active concetration of Carnosic acid, Ursolic acid & Rosmarinic acidAntioxidant
SericosideAssay 75% to 84%Antiwrinkles, Soothing, Redensifier
Silymarin50.0% to 60.0% of silymarinÊAntioxidant, UV protectant
TetrahydropiperineTetrahydropiperine 98%Skin Care formulation
Turmeric Extract (Cosmetic Grade)Tetrahydrocurcuminoids 98%Antioxidant, Skin whitening agent
Xiloglucan85.0% to 102.0% of xiloglucanMoisturizer, Skin restructurant,Anti-wrinkles